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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Bridal Henna Party Ideas | Mehndi Designs for Indian Wedding

The Mehndi (henna) is one of the most important and fun pre-wedding rituals in an Indian wedding. The henna party is celebration of relaxation, friendship, culture, music, usually for the close female relatives and friends of the bride.

A professional henna artist will create intricate designs on the bride's hands and feet. Female guests at the henna party may also get simpler designs done by the henna artist's assistants.

The henna (mehndi) that is applied on the bride is temporary, and not permanent. Henna powder is mixed with essential oils and lemon juice to create a paste. The paste is then applied to the skin and left to dry, undisturbed, for 1-3 hours. After the paste scrapes off, the Henna tattoo will proceed to darken over the next 24 to 48 hours. Henna stains the top couple layers of the skin, and it fades as these layers naturally exfoliate.

Bridal Henna Party Ideas

1) Choose an outfit that is easy to remove without runing your wet henna designs.
A sari with a tie-up choli is a popular choice.

2) Have music at your party. Ask some of your girlfriends to perform a dance, or song for you and your guests.

3) Cater food for the party in advance - do not only have finger food. Ideally, the henna is done in the evening, so plan on catering food for dinner. Be sure to have adequate drinks on hand.

4) Decorations is also a key item to think about. Try theme decorations - Indian style or otherwise. Something that creates warm and inviting atmosphere would be a great idea.

For more on what happens at a henna (mehndi) night pary, please read the following article from I Love Indian on the Mehndi ceremony.

The ceremony is mostly held at bride's place or sometimes in a banquet hall on the eve of the marriage ceremony or few days before the marriage. On this occasion a professional henna designer or some relative applies mehendi to the bride's hands and feet. There are few places in India where it is a ritual that the first motif of henna or mehendi is applied by the bride's sister-in-law whereas there are some places where the first mehendi motif is said to be auspicious if applied by bride's mother.

The Mehendi or henna motif is not only the adoration of the bride rather it epitomizes her transformation from a virgin girl to a temptress for her husband. As per Kama Sutra, henna is one of the sixty four arts of women. Popular motifs of the bridal mehendi are conchshell, flowers, Kalash, peacock, doli and baraat patterns. The intricate motifs of the bridal henna also hide the husband's name. It is said that the husband's name in the intricate henna motifs is made for the groom who has to find out his name in his bride's mehendi as an evidence of his sharp eyes and active brain to impress his girl.

Mehendi function is usually organized with the sangeet function. So, it has a festive feel to it with the women dancing and singing traditional songs on the mehendi ritual. The bride is dressed in light color clothes with light jewelry. According to the custom the bride must not step out of the house after the mehendi ritual until the wedding day. It is believed that the darker and deeper the henna stains the more the husband and the in-laws will love her bride. The ritual of mehendi signifies the strength and power of love in a marriage so it is regarded good omen for the would-be bride. It is said that the long the bride retains the mehendi, the more auspicious would be her future.

Professional Bridal Henna Mehndi Designs


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