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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Indian Bridal Make-Up Inspirational Ideas and Tips

An Indian bride typically adorns her hands and feet with henna (mehendi) a day before her wedding. She has her bridal make-up done on the day of the wedding itself.

I have heard of brides choosing their make-up artist by recommendations of relatives and friends, based on word of mouth. That is a very dangerous way of picking a make-up artist. Just because a relative or a friend had a good experience with that particular make-up artist, it does not mean you would also similarly have a positive experience. Too often, brides end up with make-up that is not at all suited for them. But since it is done on the day itself, there is no option to change make-up artists or have them try something new - what if the something "new" was worse?!

Therefore, it is always a good idea to have a make-up session with your make-up artist before the wedding day. This allows you to observe the make-up artist at work, point out what you like and what you don't. The last thing you want is for your face to look overdone, like poor Mindy Kaling earlier this year(January 2009). The make-up artist who did her up should be ashamed of destroying her pretty face!

Photo By Dragnet

A bride should look beautiful, radiant and defintely not overdone. And do not imagine that opting for a themed 80s wedding or going retro gives you the license to wear green eyeshadow. Please! Leave that for the themed club nights out.

Some Make-Up Tips:

For the eyes, a general rule of thumb to follow would be to use four shades of the same colour. First, apply eye make up tips in a neutral-toned base, then use the main color, followed by a lighter shade for highlighting and a darker shade for emphasizing.

For photography and the like, make-up artists prefer to use cream foudations for the face. When you are using a cream-based cosmetic foundations, the concealer can be applied before or after the foundation. The make-up artist will use a wedge-shaped latex sponge and light strokes to apply the foundation across the face. The thicker and heavier the foundation feels, the more it covers. So if it feels slightly dry to the touch, the it offers light to medium coverage. But be careful when using cream foundations; first you have to find one that matches your skin tone. Too light foundations will make you look washed out in your wedding photos.

Indian Bridal Make-Up Inspiration Board

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