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Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Lehnga Colour and Design Ideas

In South Asia, the traditional colour of choice for the bride's wedding dress is red. Brides wear the bridal saree or the bridal lehnga (a two-piece top and skirt outfit, see picture on the left) on their wedding day. Some brides wear the lehnga on their engagement and a saree on their wedding day. While others wear both on their wedding day, choosing to have multiple change of outfits through the day.

Whatever the choice - be it the saree or lehgna - most South Asian brides will choose the traditional red colour for their wedding outfits. But a few brides are breaking tradition by picking wedding lehnga outfits of a different colour. This trend has been helped by Bollywood films - those of you who follow the Bollywood films will notice the actresses wearing a hue of colours (not red!) for their scenes involving weddings.

So in light of this new trend, I have compiled a few wedding lehngas that are anything but red! I hope you gain some inspiration from the compilation for your own weddings.

Purple The Colour of Royalty

The colour purple has been associated with royalty from the times of the Roman Empire, Ancient China to Medievial Europe. Today, the colour is favoured by many people because the colour in human psychology is still associated with royalty, regality, and nobility.

This purple coloured wedding lehnga is exquisite - exudes a regal look for any bride wanting a spectacular wedding event.

Sea-Green Pleasing Colour
The colour green is associated with calmness and serenity. It has a refreshing effect, which is why there are such things called "green rooms" for people in television to relax in before going on stage to perform.

This sea-green wedding lehnga is perfect for an evening wedding reception event by the pool, or the sea. The lehnga blouse piece is a long tunic, instead of the typical short blouse. This is a unique look indeed - the material is also shimmering so there is no need for gaudy sequins or mirrors.

Beautiful Ivory Colour

A lot of brides in the West choose to wear white for their weddings. But in some South Asian cultures, white is not considered an auspicious colour for a wedding. So if you want something light, ivory with gold designs would be an ideal choice, such as in the picture. A friend actually had something like this tailored for her wedding, and it was great looking. Instead of the dupatta in the picture though, I would encourage looking for a more heavily embroidered duppata, which would set off the simplicity of the ivory wedding lehnga.

Shimmering Blue Colour

Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean, and exudes peace and tranquility. It is the opposite of red. Blue as a choice of wedding lehnga is not very popular in South Asia. In fact, I had a hard time finding a bridal lehnga that was blue. However, I think blue is a great colour for a wedding outfit. If one is bucking the trend, then why not blue? This lehnga has beadwork and embroidery. I would prefer it more with three quartered sleeves.

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